About us

On the road Čakovec - Lendava, at the river Mura is the small frontier town Mursko Središće (Međimurje region).

The towh has about 5000 inhabitants, a nice centre, large fishingponds, a recreation centre (volleyball, basketball, soccer, tennis and a big sporthall with 1000 seats) and pleasente surroundings with famous vineyards.

Not far away, about 100 m from the frontiere to Slovenia is Pansion Ilonka located.

Pansion "ILONKA" is established in 01.02.1976.
The first 16 years there was a bowlingalley and 6 guestrooms.
In 1990. the place was renowated and 12 rooms were added to the building.
In 1997. 4 big rooms were added to the building.
In 2001. the restaurant was enlarged and a winterganden is added.

Pansion "ILONKA" is the property of the Čanadi family

The Čanadi family also owns a vineyard, wich is located in the Štrigova region.

They produce fine wines for they own needs, and for the restaurant.

Ugostiteljski obrt "ILONKA"

Matije Gupca 17
40 315 Mursko Središće

OIB: 48887945274
Telefon : +385 (40) 543 076
E-mail: info@ilonka.hr